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Lodge and Cabins

Mallo Camp has the facilities to host your next event. Available for rent June-September, Mallo Camp has been an annual destination for many groups. When you rent Mallo, you get the lodge, all cabins and everything on the grounds.

15 cabins are divided on either side of the lodge with a shower house on each side. The "girls" side can house 127 and the "boys" side, 135. The lodge its self has both small dormitory style rooms as well as larger classrooms. 20 bed are available in the lodge. Equipped with a commercial kitchen, you can accommodate even the largest groups.

 Two fishing ponds are on site, one on the grounds that is children only, the second is just up the road and open to the public. A Basketball court, sand volleyball pit, horseshoe pit, and shooting range offer hours of entertainment. Call today to book your next event.



Fire Pit

Mallo Trail System

Shower Houses

Weekend/Weekday Rental Agreements

 Reservations by phone 307-746-4094. 

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